6 Vaping Tips You Should Know as a Beginner

Vaping is wide and varied, and it can be intimidating to those who are just starting out. Choosing the right e-liquid, keeping the vape in good condition and balancing the practice with your daily activities can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in this new experience.

1 Buy Your E-liquid from a Reputable Vendor

Not every e-liquid you find out there is right for vaping. Some liquids contain impurities that can harm you. When buying your e-juice, go for someone who sells clean juice with medical-grade nicotine and healthy flavors. The best way to find a reputable vendor is to search online and check review platforms to see what people say about him.

2 Don’t Expect Vaping to Feel Like Smoking

The feeling you get from vaping is far much different from the one you get when you smoke a pack of cigarettes. Don’t expect the vape pen to look like a cigarette or the vapor to taste like a smoke coming from a cigarette. The truth is that vaping cannot fulfill the same things you get from smoking. Vaping is even more satisfying than smoking.

3 You Will Need More Than One Item When Vaping

Once you choose the right vape pen, you will need to buy extra equipment and juice. You should buy something that is compatible with the pen and know how to use it. Also, you need to experiment with different types of juices until you get the one that suits you best. The experimenting period can take between one to two weeks, so you need to be patient. What is important is that you enjoy yourself afterwards.

4 Disassemble the Vaping Device at Night

It is highly recommended you remove the vape tank, especially if you recently filled it with e-juice. Doing so keeps the tank in good condition and prevents leaks that are known to occur after some time. The leaks can damage the electrical components of the device if it comes into contact with the batteries.

5 Understand Your VG Ratios

You might want to know about the VG ratios of the e-juice to help decide on the best flavor. E-liquids with high VG ratios produce thicker smokes and are smooth. However, they often clog the vape tank more quickly than those with low VG. On the other hand, e-liquids with low VG ratios produce smaller clouds but richer flavors.

6 Take Care of the Batteries

Check the battery connection regularly for any e-liquid buildup and dirt. Wipe off any buildup you find using a cotton swab or soft cloth. Doing so will prolong the life of the batteries as well as that of the vape pen.

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