How Does Vaping Compare to Smoking?

E cigarettes vaporize nicotinic compounds by heating up a liquid solution with some natural nicotine extract in a liquid glycerin solution. This liquefied solution can be purchased in a vast number of different strengths and flavors. The vapor emitted from e-cigarettes doesn’t have the combusted tars and toxins which are present in regular cigarettes. Because e-cigs aren’t combusted, they generate none of the smoke, ashes, or smells that cigarettes do. Instead, vaporizers use natural and artificial flavorings to produce tastes and scents that are easily recognizable and pleasurable to many people.

Conventional cigarettes contain tobacco, the combustion of which generates heat that activates the nicotine. Scorching this tobacco also mobilizes the tar and the many chemical compounds that may be natural or artificially incorporated by the cigarette manufacturer. The resin which is generated by the burning sticks to everything it contacts. If you’ve ever burned a cigarette for a period of time in an enclosed space, you’ve probably seen the resinous brown-yellow film it leaves on walls. Picturing that tar on your lungs isn’t a pleasant image, and obviously harmful to your state of health.

How Vaping and Smoking Are Similar

  • Both vaping and smoking depend on the user drawing the substance into their lungs. When puffing on either a standard cig or an e-cig, the user feels a catch in the throat. The more nicotine the cigarette contains, the more potent the throat hit obtained.
  • Both vaping and smoking breathe out the byproducts of nicotine absorption through the nose and/or mouth.
  • Standard and e-cigs both produce crackling sounds during use.
  • They both emit observable fumes (one smoke, one vapour).
  • Several e cigarettes have red LED lights on their ends that light up while inhaling to mimic the burning “cherries” on standard cigarettes.
  • Many e-cigs also mimic the white colour of traditional cigarettes.
  • Like regular cigarettes, E-cigs engage the same reflexes and muscles during use. The vaper breathes in, feels the catch in the throat, swallows, and subsequently breathes out vapour.

How Vaping and Smoking Are Different

  • Standard cigarettes use tobacco leaves, unlike e-cigarettes.
  • Electronic cigarettes run on batteries, while regular cigs are fueled by fire.
  • Most e-cigarettes can be reused.
  • Classic cigs generate smoke, while electronic cigarettes generate vapour.
  • Smoking produces a strong scent that is absorbed by clothes, hands, skin, hair, and the air well after the cigarette has burned up. Vaping does not produce odours.
  • Smoking stains hands, teeth, and hard surfaces, while vaping doesn’t.
  • Regular cigs are around 50 to 70% more expensive than e-cigarettes.
  • Standard cigarettes are generally only available in plain tobacco or menthol flavours, whereas electronic cigarettes can be found in many diverse flavours, such as berries, cakes, espressos, and mixed drinks.

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