New Studies Dispel Pesky Myths About Vaping

Vaping is a fairly new technology and because of the fact that it’s vaguely related to cigarette smoking, it has received its fair share of criticism. Despite the fact that research continues to demonstrate the lack of health risks associated with vaping, it seems as though some new myth about vaping is being dispersed throughout the Canadian consciousness each week. The vape community is all too familiar with the need to endlessly dispel myths when it comes to health hazards associated with vaping.

Big Tobacco’s Influence

Interestingly, CNN recently published an article that fully outlined the link between myths related to vaping and the influence of the multi-billion dollar tobacco industry. Few will be surprised to learn that “Big Tobacco” is aiming to profit off of the vape Toronto community by creating a monopoly of e-cigarette products while perpetuating false stories about the harm associated with products created by independent manufacturers.

Cigarette Smoking is at an All-Time Low

The good news is that these myths continue to get debunked, proving that as it stands, vaping does not pose any serious long-term threats to one’s health. Plus, positive news stories about vaping are beginning to pop up everywhere.

For instance, the CDC recently announced that cigarette smoking is at the lowest it has been in half of a century. This data also shows that youth smoking is at an all-time low. This data completely debunks the rumors that vaping is a gateway to cigarette smoking.

Vaping Aids in Quitting Smoking

Different studies from the United States, Italy and Belgium have all concluded that vaping does indeed successfully reduce cigarette cravings in people who have been cigarette smokers for several years. The study also concluded that vaping does successfully help people quit cigarettes for good. This evidence largely discredits previous baseless theories that vaping did not aid in smoking cessation in any way.

Vaping Poses No Significant Health Risks

A recent study performed in the United Kingdom brings the best news of all, however. The Royal College of Physicians, also known as RCP, thoroughly researched the health hazards of vaping when compared with the health hazards associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. They analyzed data regarding risks of developing certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases and heart disease among other health threats.

Needless to say, they reported that vaping poses none of these threats whatsoever. They concluded by stating that by switching from cigarette smoking to vaping, smokers are actually improving their health significantly.

What This Means for the Vape Community

All of these reports are welcomed by the vape Toronto community that is understandably tired of defending itself against baseless myths for some time. Only a couple of years ago, the vape community had to debunk the myth that vaping caused “popcorn lung,” a condition that actually only affects popcorn factory employees as the result of coming into contact with a certain chemical used in popcorn products as well as some e-liquids. The reality is that e-liquids do not contain nearly enough of this chemical to negatively affect the lungs whatsoever.

With more positive studies coming out about the lack of health risks associated with vaping, one hopes that the vaping community continues to grow and cigarette smoking continues to decrease.

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